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Solution for Your Daily Point of Care Ultrasound Scanning

The traditional use of ultrasound technology in veterinary clinics has delivered many clinical advantages but also has had many challenges.
Whether too expensive or having the reputation of a difficult learning curve, veterinary clinics unfortunately have not been able to access
the diagnostic benefits of ultrasound.

BMV, a global leader in veterinary equipment manufacturing, introduces a new, effective and affordable point of care ultrasound solution designed exclusively for veterinary clinics. BMV ANIMAL is easy to learn, easy to use, and provides long lasting satisfaction and profitability for you and your clinic.


MX9 Pocket Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

MX Scanners, with enhanced image quality based on our iBTech+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, with dedicated animal presets,is designed to provide trustworthy imaging for animals small, medium and large, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

C2 HD Vet-Convex

Large Animals

L7 HD Vet- Linear


C7 HD Vet-Microconvex

Small and Medium Animal Scanner

True Wireless & Handheld Ultrasound

Free from wired workflow, powerful battery operation from 2.5hrs to 5hrs, various options of 8 different models to choose from within your budget, your ultrasound knowledge and needs

Wireless / Handheld

Embedded WIFI Module
Scanning anytime, everywhere
Powerful battery (2.5hrs to 5hrs)

Clinical Versatility

8 different models
Choices for your need and budget
B, B/M, Color, PDI, PW

Most Cost Effective

Less than a traditional US probe
No hidden fees
No activation fee / No subscription fee
No fees for additional users

Easy to Use Mobile App

iOS smart device
Vet dedicated (Patient info, Icons)
Storage (JPG, MP4) at mobile device
Minimum learning curve

Available on App Store

BMV Mobile App

Veterinary Specific Mobile App

Veterinary specific, simple, intuitive, easy to learn but full of fine-tuned features and functions for your immediate and daily point of care ultrasound scanning for iOS mobile smart devices.


iOS tablet & phone (iOS 8.0 or above)

Short Learning Curve

Optimized functions for your daily scanning


On screen with virtual keyboard

Vet Specified

Vet specific patient admission /icon

Image Optimization

Gain, TGC, Focus, Harmonic, Reject, Depth, Dynamic Range

Storage & Review

Storage and review in your mobile device

Easy to Use

One screen operation with minimum buttons


Length, Area, Circumference, Angle, Trace(B Mode) and more


Images in JPG format / Videos in MP4 format

Recommended Use

Use for basic and advanced ultrasound scanning applications. Whether confirming a pregnancy, checking for free fluid buildup, or identifying foreign material, BMV does it all

Pregnancy Check

Confirmation, Counts


Kidney Check

Shape / Vascularization

Fluid Check

Abdominal(aFAST), Thoracic(TFAST)

Bladder Check

For urine puncture

Foreign Body Check

In Domestic, Respiratory Organs

M / Color / PDI / PW

For Extended Applications

Most Cost Effective


  • Cost less than traditional ultrasound probes
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Traditional Ultrasound

  • Often more than $10K
  • High maintenance cost



  • Easy to learn for advanced point of care applications

Traditional Ultrasound

  • Long time and money investment

Maximum Ease of Use


  • Packed with what you need for all of your daily POC ultrasound scanning needs
 Traditional Ultrasound
  • Too much that you will never touch

Pocket-Sized Point of Care


  • Use anywhere, anytime
  • No dedicated space required 

Traditional Ultrasound

  • Dedicated ultrasound room

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