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China leader in veterinary research equipment manufacturer&supplier


BMV, bringing veterinary technology to life, offers a line of veterinary specific medical devices that are recognized globally for their contributions in enhancing animal care. 

The integration of the wide range of BMV's veterinary research equipment, including VueSign™ N series Vital Signs Monitors, BAM Anesthesia Machines Veterinary Dental System, Electrosurgical Units, Surgical Tables, Respiratory Ventilators and much more allows you to upgrade your practice easily and affordably.

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BAM-7 Pro

BAM-7 Pro

Multiparameter Monitor+Anesthesia machines



Multiparameter Monitor+Anesthesia machines


Petmate™ Capnograph Monitor

Petmate™ Capnograph Monitor

N5 Vet Type-20

Veterinary Mate Monitor 

iM2 Veterinary Capnograph

iM2 Veterinary Capnograph

Capnography is a valuable tool for evaluating and monitoring anesthetized patients.Understanding
the waveform of a normal capnograph and recognizing different variations enables your staff to identify abnormal capnograms and act quickly to avert complications. The result? Your team
will be more confident during anesthetic procedures and positioned to deliver a safer patient care experience.

Veterinary Hospital BP Monitoring System

Veterinary Hospital BP Monitoring System

iM5 Vet Handheld Pulse Oximetry Monitor


BAM-2 Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator

Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator is designed specifically for veterinary use. The high purity oxygen is separated from the air by molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

One for Multi-use
• 5L/min fiow rate, supply oxygen for anesthesia, postoperative recovery, ICU.first aid and etc

• Using only room air, it draws in and generates medical grade oxygen (USP93%),never run out of oxygen

Quart-filtration System
• Ceramic fiber· Intake filter cloth·Build-in filter · Humidifier bottle 99.999% bacteria, viruses, and odor can be removed effectively

Time Preset
• Support presetting oxygen-producing time, and will automatically stop working when time up

• Low Oz concentration alarm and abnormal alarms


5L Veterinary oxygen concentrator


10L Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator

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BMV is a Chinese leading animal health company dedicated to empowering veterinary practices.



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