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Dedicated to empowering veterinary practices.

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True Wireless & Handheld Ultrasound

Various options within your budget, your ultrasound knowledge and needs


BMV Ultrasound

BMV Ultrasound

Our selection of veterinary ultrasound machines range in price and technology. Maybe you want top-of-line diagnostic imaging that can detect issues with heart valves, or you just need basic ultrasound diagnostic results.

Get  a discount when you purchase a SonoMaxx Vet

Get a discount when you purchase a SonoMaxx Vet

SonoMaxx Vet is easy to learn, easy to use, and provides long lasting satisfaction and profitability for you and your clinic.

HD Video Endoscopes

HD Video Endoscopes

The HD video endoscope is ideal for small and large animal practitioners providing a high-quality,affordable endoscope for upper and lower GI examinations. 


Multiparameter Monitor

Multiparameter Monitor

AWARD-WINNING BMO PRO SERIES MONITOR come with WiFi, built-in printer,  the industry’s best warranty.

Digital X-ray Package

Digital X-ray Package

The 3.3 pound, handheld, 100% portable x-ray system gives you the portability, flexibility, and high-quality diagnostic imaging you need. View images instantly on the full-color wideview LCD screen with a ProView sensor.

Touch Digital Infusion Pump

Touch Digital Infusion Pump

State of the art technology coupled with reliable clinical accuracy, all packed into an elegant design and an easy-to-use interface.

Chinese Leading Animal Health Company

BMV Animal Technology Co., LTD, China national high-tech enterprise, is a professional high-tech company combining R&D, manufacture and distribution of specialty medical veterinary devices. As a customer-oriented, and R&D-driven company, BMV, owning over 40 types of products, has become a Chinese leading veterinary equipment supplier which maintains sustainable growth worldwide. We bring veterinary technology to global pet, equine and large animal veterinary markets, products covering veterinary imaging and treatment solutions, minimally invasive, surgical, dental, outpatient, inpatient, rehabilitation Physical therapy and inspection equipment.

More than that, BMV company has around 60+ patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, and confidential technics. Provide innovative solutions and superior support to help veterinary professionals and providers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.


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Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics

We care for a wide variety of animal.


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Strategies for creating a comprehensive dentistry program;The role of capnography in detecting veterinary anesthetic complications.


Beyond the scientific instruments company sector, we are building a business partner network to boost our reach and to better serve our customers worldwide, and catalyse the life Science research progress and improve animal healthcare together.


From webinars, courses to trainings, from online to offline, BMV Academy share with you not only the basic knowledge but also the practical skills, help you have a better understanding of products and grasp industry trends.

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BMV is a Chinese leading animal health company dedicated to empowering veterinary practices.



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